Each room has a story to tell and is a world of its own.

Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or in groups, you can have your pick from its five exclusive rooms ranging from single occupancy to group occupancy.
Rooted and authentic, each room is named and designed after the five seasons as followed by the Nagas, Tangkhuls in particular, i.e. Si (Winter), Mayo (Spring), Lum (Summer), Zur (Monsoon), Maha (Autumn/Harvest).



Lum is the onset of Summer. From this season, the paddy plantation begins for the Tangkhul Naga community. Summer accompanied by rain, Lum is where men and womenfolk fully work/concentrate in the paddy fields. Wild raspberry and wild figs are few of the fruits found in bountiful during this season.

Our Lum room narrates its own story of warmness and comfort. Well-equipped with amenities and facilities, we have added on beautiful decor pieces that itself help you experience as if you have spent the most cosy summer in a Tangkhul Naga region.

Rs.6,900.00 per night



Zur marks the onset of the Monsoon season. In the Tangkhul Naga region, Zur often accompanies Lum, i.e. Summer.  It sets in in the midst of paddy plantation. During this time, men and women folk are busy in the fields working in the rain. This is also the season for hand-weeding of rice.

So gracefully designed with selective colours and decor pieces, Zur is all set to welcome you to come and experience a culture of the Tangkhul Naga Region you would have otherwise never done so.

Rs.6,900.00 per night



Mayo is the onset of the Spring season. The Tangkhul Naga community major practices cultivation as its main occupation and thus, Mayo marks an important season in a Tangkhul Naga calendar. With trees breaking out in green buds and songs of the birds filling the air, Mayo is also an ideal month for river fishing. The beginning of this season is marked by the celebration of Luira Phanit, a major festival for the Tangkhul Nagas that also marks the beginning of a New Year, a new cycle for agricultural activities.

Bright, calming and fresh, Mayo is designed to transport you back to a serene quiet place in the midst of budding leaves and blossoms. To reflect this season, decor pieces and room amenities are carefully hand picked so that you will take home with you the story of good times spent in a Tangkhul Naga region.

Rs.7,450.00 per night



Maha is the onset of Autumn season or the Harvest season (as generally known to the tangkhul naga). This is the most significant season of the year for the Tangkhul Nagas as it is the paddy harvesting season. Men and women are usually served rice beers known as Khor and Zamsham especially after heavy work like harvesting.

Maha room is arranged and designed to reflect the mood of celebration, from the way it is located to the different decor pieces hand picked. It is a room full of stories, stories that are native to the roots and tradition of a tribe from the north-eastern part of India.

Rs.7,450.00 per night.



Si is the onset of the Winter season. It is considered the most favourable season for felling of timber, logging, and any other construction activities. It is also the season for weddings. Winter in the Tangkhul Naga region is relatively cold, sometimes dropping to a low as minus 1 degree celsius. It is in this season particularly that all seeds for sowing are hanged around the traditional fireplace, ranging from corns to beans, barley to millets and more till the onset of new year, i.e the seed sowing festival.

Rs.4,900.00 per night.