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Mayo is the onset of the Spring season. The Tangkhul Naga community major practices cultivation as its main occupation and thus, Mayo marks an important season in a Tangkhul Naga calendar. With trees breaking out in green buds and songs of the birds filling the air, Mayo is also an ideal month for river fishing. The beginning of this season is marked by the celebration of Luira Phanit, a major festival for the Tangkhul Nagas that also marks the beginning of a New Year, a new cycle for agricultural activities.

Bright, calming and fresh, Mayo is designed to transport you back to a serene quiet place in the midst of budding leaves and blossoms. To reflect this season, decor pieces and room amenities are carefully hand picked so that you will take home with you the story of good times spent in a Tangkhul Naga region.

Room Rate  
* INR 7450 per night
* Given rates are applicable for double occupancy. For single occupancy, the rate will be ₹ 450/- less. For Extra bed ₹ 2000/- per night only
* The Rates are exclusive of 18% GST.

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