GG Bed & Breakfast

Snugly built in the heart of Delhi, GG is a Bed and Breakfast in the capital of India. Cosy and rustic, ever welcoming with well-trained and highly experienced staff, GG BnB reflects in its service and ambience the warm hospitality of the Naga people, and the Northeastern Indian community. Whether it is the food it serves, the exemplary services it provides or the delicate detailing in the rooms, GG aims to be the native warm corner that you can always call your own no matter where you may be from. GG BnB aspires to build enduring values with its customers and the experiences they take home.

Among the few Tangkhul Nagas to have ventured out into the big cities, GG is not just a lodge but is a place where the rest of the world is introduced to the rich culture and traditions of the Naga community.

GG BnB is named after late Gapumkhai Grinder (GG), a family man and a people’s person, a man well-travelled and well-read. Through this lodge, the family wishes to continue to spread the love, kindness and hospitality that was always embraced and practised by him.

Whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or in groups, you can have your pick from its five exclusive rooms ranging from single occupancy to group occupancy. Rooted and authentic, each room is named and designed after the five seasons as followed by the Nagas, Tangkhuls in particular, i.e. Si (Winter), Mayo (Spring), Lum (Summer), Zur (Monsoon), Maha (Autumn/Harvest). Each room has a story to tell and is a world of its own.

Easily accessible from the city, away from the noise, surrounded by green parks and heritage sites, its ideal location promises you a serene getaway to unwind and relax.

GG BnB will be one of the finest decisions you will take in your stay in Delhi.

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